© Megan Tetzloff Photography

Meet my husband Nick.We've been married almost 3 years! We're very adventurous & love to be outdoors, yet somedays a movie and popcorn date on the couch makes us the happiest. 

I caught the Travel bug a few years ago & have been to more than 8 countries around the world so far. I'm just getting started experiencing different cultures and places; the bucket list keeps growing! I'd  love to follow you to your destination for a wedding, engagement, or lifestyle shoot. I can already see the magic being made.

... and yes that is me holding a giant stingray in Grand Cayman! 

These are my babies. Bauer(right) is 4, Oakley(left) is 1.5 years old. I love them more than life and they are the most snuggly, energetic, happy dogs I know. One of my favorite hobbies is taking them for a run & seeing how happy it makes them.

Let's talk coffee--- It's my favorite thing about waking up in the morning. I'm typically just a hot coffee with a splash of cream type of gal but I love a good cold brew or Iced Americano in the summer!